Sunny Sense - Inspirational Dog and Cat Designs

Inspirational Designs for Dog & Cat Lovers!

Sunny Sense designs were inspired by “Sunny” the Doberman Pinscher!

This website was originally created to share Sunny’s sunshine & love. It now also serves as a memorial to her wonderful spirit. Sunny crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/26/10. Since her passing, several wonderful dogs have continued to inspire me, including Capone, Noelle, McKenna, and now Blue. Each day brings new adventures and memories, so I continue to create Sunny Sense designs to commemorate them.

I hope you enjoy your visit at this site. On the About page you’ll find more about Sunny’s story and the dog lover designs which she inspired. You’ll also learn about several of my other dogs, here and crossed, who continue to inspire me daily.

The Sunny Sense products may currently be purchased through my SunnySense Zazzle store.

A percentage of Sunny Sense design sales will be donated to Doberman Pinscher dogs in need.

Favorite Sunny Sense Designs

Current designs include the quotations:
» “Goodnight sweet prince”
» “Goodnight sweet princess”
» “This Too Shall Pass”
» “I've gone to find myself”
» “May the road rise up to meet you”
» “With deepest sympathies” (pet loss cards)


Sunny Sense designs include inspirational sayings and fun dog art intended to bring joy to other animal lovers. Some of the more favorite designs include Goodnight Sweet Prince and Goodnight Sweet Princess as on products for pet sympathy or memorial gift items and cards.