Sunny Sense - Inspirational Dog and Cat Designs

About the Sunny Sense Designs

Created by Artist Kelli Swan and inspired by “Sunny,” a delightfully happy Red Doberman Pinscher

Little Sunny-girl came to live with me and my other Doberman, Capone, in 2007. She was an adoption from a local Doberman Rescue. Just about the happiest dog I’ve ever seen, her sunshiny personality never failed to bring a smile to my face.

One day, while contemplating how much joy pets bring to our lives, the thought came to me that Sunny might shine to others like the little star she was. That’s when the thought “Sunny Sense” came to mind. Somehow love connects us to our true essence, and Sunny was like the ultimate wireless connection to that energy source!

As stylized images of Sunny appeared in my head, I began to think of some of my father’s favorite sayings. A philosopher at heart, dad always had the perfect phrase in mind to fit a given moment. Some of his favorites were the Irish Blessing and quotes from Shakespeare. Then it HIT me! Why not combine these beautiful images flowing into my brain with little gems of fun or inspirational messages?! Thus, the Sunny Sense collection was born.

Although these designs were originally inspired by Sunny, alas, she has now crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Losing Sunny, and a few months later Capone, took some of the wind out of my Creative Sails. In the years that followed, I had the privilege of sharing my life with two more Dobermans: Noelle and McKenna. I cannot imagine a more magnificent breed of dog. Dobies are in my heart and soul forever.

- Kelli Swan

My Dogs, My Inspiration...

Sunny the Doberman Pinscher
Sunny the Doberman Pinscher
Sunny the Doberman Pinscher
Sunny the Doberman Pinscher
Sunny the Doberman Pinscher w her favorite toy
Macintosh - my first dog
Macintosh - My First Dog
Macintosh - My First Dog
Macintosh - My First Dog
Beauty - My First Doberman Adoption
Beauty - My First Doberman
Beauty - My First Doberman
Beauty and Mac play together
Capone at Christmas
Capone in the Car
Capone on the sofa
Capone on the chair
Capone and Gracie playing
Capone and his bone
Capone and the filled bone
Dobermans sleeping together
Dobermans sleeping together
Noelle the Doberman
Noelle in Sedona
Noelle an a cat
McKenna the Doberman Puppy
McKenna the wild pup
McKEnna at the End of a Day
McKenna on the Coolaroo
McKenna on the Stairs
McKenna in her favorite spot
McKenna on the bed with her toy
McKenna upside down on the recliner

Silly Blue upside down on her favorite pillow

Blue playing peek-a-boo
Princess Blue
Blue by the falls